Bonjour, my name is Sandra, I am a French Facialist and like most French women, I have a holistic view of beauty.

I had the opportunity and the privilege to meet and train with French skincare Guru Joëlle Ciocco in Paris who taught me the Epidermologue Method and with Biologique Recherche “l’Ambassade de la Beaute”, the worldwide luxury brand.

I do believe that our lifestyle choices, behavior, attitudes and emotions (well the way we interact with the world) all affect our health and appearance.

I also believe that our skin is not only affected by the way we treat it on the surface but also by our general physical and emotional state.

For all these reasons, I want my little studio to be a place that women can come to and figure out a path of healing.

My goal while treating my patients is to help guide their skin into balance. I offer thoughtful advice on products and how to use them.

Instead of choosing from a menu of services, each of my patients will receive a singular treatment based on their personal needs and unique lifestyle.

Treatments typically last one to two hours, beginning with an in-depth discussion regarding habits, diet and lifestyle.

I individually tailors each facial to suit the needs of your skin, using only natural herbal and marine extracts from Joëlle Ciocco and Biologique Recherche. With this innovative methodology I am able to evaluate your skin’s nutritional requirements, thereby establishing the appropriate regime of products for the skin.

The physical treatment entails deep cleansing and nourishment through minerals, pure oils and extracts. I then use two types of massage to stimulate circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and heat the skin, so that each product can penetrate deeply and target specific muscles and points in the face.

After each treatment, a protocol will be created listing morning and evening product suggestions.

Perhaps most importantly, I develop trusting relationship with each patient so as to sustain the process of balancing the skin over time.

Sandra Levy-Valensi